Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Greatness of Manure...

I am amazed at how tenacious weeds are. I am amazed at their roots, and their motivation to even break through blacktop to grow.

Then, there's what I WANT to grow. I love flowers but they seem to need intentional attention to flourish! The weeds will choke out their ability to bloom to their fullest capacity. Hmmmmm....reminds me of the parable in Matt. 13 about the seeds.

I'm a fan of fresh vegetables as well. The ground they grow the best in involves....manure. I grew up in the Bay Area so I'm still a little surprised by somethings, I guess. A little manure in that plants life enriches it - a lot of manure can burn it.

When you and I experience a little 'manure' in life we need to keep in mind that that manure enriches us - it enlarges our ability to be fruitful. Don't resent manure experiences. God has called us to bear much fruit! (Matt. 7)

Yep, I just blogged about the greatness of manure. My, my, my.

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