Friday, June 7, 2013



I think the fact the life changes all the time is just weird.

Tomorrow we are having a yard sale - an event that just doesn't happen very often with me - I'm not a good negotiator.   I want people to just see the worth and enjoy the bargain!   The uniqueness of tomorrow's sale is that we are selling things that my parents had in their home. - for a quarter, a dollar, five dollars, thirty five dollars, fifty dollars.  I've moved them 3 times - each time to a smaller location - so each time there was pondering and decisions about what to keep and what to give away...and this time we are doing an 'estate' sale - final sale.  How crazy that our 'things' can be reduced to a yard sale. Yes, we've kept things of sentimental value - but there just hasn't been a lot of financial wealth in our family.  How really lovely that they were rich in eternal stuff!

Today I said good-bye to my sister.  We have both always lived on the west coast but now she is heading into a great adventure.  She's moving to be with her son's family in Cincinnati - not on the west coast.  We've maneuvered the passing of our parents these months and now she's on her way to a new neighborhood and new divine appointments and new freedom.  How weird that it's so far away from me.  Yuck, but good.

How can "yay" and "yuck" exist in the same sentence?  I don't know, but it does.  So many days it does!!!!

The trick is to not deny the "yuck", and not miss the "yay" of each day - each change.  I want to lean into Jesus - the One who makes all the "yucks" and 'yays" into something so great - the One Who never changes....ever.   Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Ok - I'll report in after the sale....after watching people seriously consider whether something is REALLY worth a quarter or not!  "Keep sweet - keep sweet - keep sweet..."   (...tomorrow's mantra!)

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