Monday, May 3, 2010


I had another 'intervention' with myself today! (Yes, this is not my first invention - I'm hard enough on myself that no one else has to gather a group to help me see my problems!!!!)
I was looking at the pictures from Tilly's birth day. (Tilly Marie - 9lbs 4 oz - 21 1/2 inches long - arrived easily and without trauma - which is a total, total answer to prayer.) You'd think that her safe arrival would be all that would fill my mind when I looked at those pictures, wouldn't you??? But no. I saw....a wrinkled face and a gi-normous nose and the start of - - - jowls - - - and a double chin. OH MY STARS! If you can see past my nose you'll find a BABY in that picture. Our little Tilly who snuggled right into my chest like she already knew how much I love her is beautiful - but how would I cut myself out of that picture - and when did all that drooping happen????

Thus the intervention...I evidently didn't absorb as much as I thought from the "So Long, Insecurity" simulcast!!! Oh my stars!

So, what AM I going to do? Cut myself out of all pictures from now on???? Really??? Be depressed? Really?

I decided that since the chance that I'm going to trade my face in for new one is pretty slim... (Can you IMAGINE the trouble I'd have with scar tissue on my face, if I had surgery just for fun? - considering what I've just gone through with my wrist accident???)...I might as well accept it. And the fact that shock waves of wrinkles travel up my cheeks when I smile is....almost fun. Almost like exclamation marks of joy. (Hey, I don't tell you how to settle things - don't mess with MY process, ok?)

Haven't decided how I can enjoy the acreage of my nose yet - but I will.

Why did I feel compelled to confess this? I don't know - but I did. I WILL NOT MISS THE TREASURE BECAUSE OF WHAT I WISH WAS DIFFERENT. I WILL NOT. Can't you see that the enemy loves it when we are distracted (if not depressed) about what we wish was different in life? Really...come on....don't miss the treasure in your today!

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