Thursday, June 18, 2009

No, this isn't my new tattoo....they removed the stitches yesterday from this last surgery. Although I was VERY glad to be past the stitch removal phase - the sight of this incision was a little startling.

Now I work on the 'work of healing'. I will need to intentionally inflict pain on myself in order to gain strength and grip and wholeness again. I've tried ignoring that I've had this surgery and that doesn't seem to be helping, so now it's time to be intentional.

I feel like I'm speaking to my brothers and sisters who are facing - head on - the forgiveness issue that we are teaching about at PCC. You've tried ignoring the hurt and that just hasn't worked. It's TIME, dear one, to be intentional. To TOUCH THE WOUND. To allow the oil of the Holy Spirit and the hand of the Great Physician to do what needs to be done for YOU to be free!!!!! It's TIME. I know it hurts but there is freedom on the other side - health on the other side - joy on the other side. It's worth it!


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Foster Fam said...

I think it would make an awesome tattoo, or at least part of one anyway. Thanks for your thoughts, I love reading your blog.