Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Out of Clean Socks...

I have no idea what people think a sabbatical is. Do they imagine a long vacation with lots of luxury and bon-bon eating?

What was my expectation? I really didn't know what it would look like. Our goal was to rest and to listen - and we sure did that. But we did it in a variety of places. From small and rustic - to larger with a washing machine! From quiet and solitude - to busy with people all around. The goal was still to rest and to listen. We read a lot, we talked a lot, we wrote a lot, we prayed a lot, we listened a lot, we walked a lot, we laughed a lot and we rested.

So, now I have to learn how to do that at home - at work - at church - in a room with people experiencing crisis - in a room with conflict - or with joy. In a room where hard decisions need to be made concerning family. Be at rest....and listen.

Ps. 62:5 - "Find rest, oh my soul, in God alone; my hope comes only from Him."

I'm quite convinced that when we add a lot of stuff to Jesus - in the name of being a good Christian - we find ourselves in trouble spiritually. ...Find rest, oh my soul, in God ALONE; my hope comes only from Him.....

Holy Spirit, please pour Yourself on my brother or sister that is reading this. Bring peace where their heart is troubled. You speak the word and heal them. Thank you. I pray and praise in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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Foster Fam said...

You're back? WOO HOO!!! Missed you! Glad you had a restful time.