Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boundary Lines....

I have no funny stories today. I have a thought, a prayer, a strong urging to encourage whoever reads this to gain courage and encouragement from Ps 16:6 - ..."the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places..." Read all of Ps 16 - but hear in your heart that God has placed you in a place where you can FLOURISH - not just exist.

Heb. 12 talks about our places of discipline. But instead of punishment, the intend of that word in that context is 'a place in which one can grow'!!!!!

Don't miss what God would LOVE to do in and through you right now! In the place and circumstance that you find yourself right now - not someday (when things are different, better or as you dreamed) - right now!!!!!

The enemy would love to have you miss the treasure that God has for you today - that's why it's easier to whine rather than praise, to curse rather than to bless, to feel sorry for yourself rather than be grateful.

Whoever this blog is meant for - please read Ps 16 - let it soak in - let it bring strength and a new perspective. As Beth Moore says - Jesus didn't just come to change your life, He came to change your day! This is a new day for someone. Bless you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

OH! There's a zipper!!!!!!!

I LOVE autumn leaves. They make my heart swell with pleasure! Such beauty.....but then.....such work! Last year I decided to help Dennis by blowing and sucking up the leaves with our leaf blower/sucker thing. (You can tell already that I wasn't well acquainted with this tool.) I blew them all into piles and then I sucked them up until it was too heavy for me to carry. Then, I tried to dump the leaves out of the bag - but I did it through the little hole that I sucked them up with. Really dorky. I thought, "this will take forever - this is insane." If my neighbor was watching, I'm sure he thought the same. Finally, after unloading a couple of bags I made the big discovery of the zipper at the end of the bag. It unzipped to let all of those sucked up leaves come out of a huge hole - much, much easier.

This year I will not be 'helping' Dennis because my wrist is still a little crazy but this is what I see....

We all go through seasons in life. Some with incredible beauty and also incredible labor (or sorrow). God absolutely gives us what we need to negotiate every season - but sometimes we use the tools of our own strength and wisdom and understanding. When we journey through the seasons with His tools of strength and wisdom and understanding it is MUCH more efficient, much more peaceful and much more effective. I pray right now that if you are struggling in the place that you find yourself you will stop - you will look up - you will ask, "Lord, is there a zipper here that I'm missing? Am I making this harder for myself than it really is because I'm doing it with my limited perspective and not Your abundance?????"

At this moment....look up......

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Be careful what you pray - you might get what you ask for!

For several years we did a drive through light display on the
property at Parkway. THOUSANDS of cars drove through - more than I dreamed of. The message was simple - "I AM the Light of the World"..... It was an extreme example of the church pulling together to literally show Jesus to the community. I loved it. I loved the joy that people displayed as they put in hours of work to set up, and then take take down the thousands and thousands of lights.

For 4 years I prayed that we would have a live camel in the nativity scene. "Oh God" (I cried) - "how incredible that would be - how life like and fun for the kids and unique to southern Oregon". Please God - oh, please, please, please (etc....etc...etc...)

So one year, we found a camel. He couldn't work on Friday nights cuz he was Seventh Day Adventist - but he could work every other night of the week. Yay! Hallelujah!

Until we actually experienced the real camel. He was ornery - was subject to an upset stomach - went 'No. 1' like a hose turned on full strength (right next to Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus).

He spit on me once (in front of people that I was explaining the miracle of having a live camel to).

The only one who could calm him down was Dennis. We'd call Dennis to come, and that camel would get close to him and lay his face next to Dennis' face, or wrap his lips around his nose like he was kissing him. (I'll admit that that was my very favorite part.) You should have seen Dennis' face. Oh my stars!

I'll admit to hearing laughter from heaven as I watched this camel relieving himself in front of our guests every night. "You ASKED for this, Jeanette! - I'm giving you what you BEGGED Me for!"

So, I guess I pray a little differently after this experience. Sometimes I think I know what I want, or what would make God look really, really good. The reality is I don't have the full perspective and sometimes when God says, 'no', it's for a very, very, very good reason that we just can't see.

I deeply want to stand in agreement with what God wants - what His will is on earth as it is in heaven - and not ask Him to stand in agreement with what I want and what my will is. Father, show me - remind me how to pray with abandon, "Thy Kingdom come, They will be done - on earth as it is in heaven!' - even if I think I have a wonderful idea for Him!

(Be sure to click on the the camel picture to enlarge it - you don't want to miss his smile!)