Friday, October 10, 2008

Overwhelmed by love

Four weeks ago today our little grandson Oscar became very sick. Our daughter-in-law and also her mom kept us posted as they waited for the ambulance, as the ambulance arrived and then as they did what they needed to do in the hospital. Dennis and I waited, oh, I'd say 15 minutes from the first call to hop into our car and head up to Salem - not to fix anything - just to be with them. On the way up there my heart hurt so badly for Oscar - literal pain. I thought I had a huge mom heart for our sons - boy, this grandma heart could kill a person! We would move heaven and earth for that little guy if we could. As I was praying for him I asked the Lord to show me His heart for His kids. Confession - sometimes I struggle to KNOW the love of God for myself. That He would move heaven and earth for me, if it was best. Do you ever struggle with this? I felt Him whisper, "I love you more than you love Oscar." Oh, I want to 'get' that! Just like I want Oscar to really 'get' that he is loved so, so deeply - I want to 'get' that I am loved so, so, so, so, so deeply by our Father.
Oscar is doing great - thank you, God - no tumor - thank you, God. It's a regrouping time for their little family and for all of us. So my verse for you and for me today is Eph. 3:18 - I pray that we...may have the power, together with all the saints to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.
(The picture is Oscar and Danita - his mom - she is awesome.)


Heidi said...

Hey!! Yeah he is doing great! Jack and I ran into Danita and Oscar at the store. Oscar shot back in the cart as far away from me as he could get! I had a beanie on my head and I tried to explain to Danita that he would be much more afraid if I took the hat off!! With all the people he comes into contact with and he is afraid of a hooded Heidi. Well he showed us with his cute little finger that he is "1." Then he looked at Jack and said "Jack" and Jack just starred at him... Well we need to get them together more, and it was great to see them.
Still can't believe you gave in and are now a blogger, but I am proud of you! Oh yeah I went to the Women of Faith Conference in Portland last night and it was awesome! Can't wait to tell you about it! We are headed to Albany for church tomorrow! Love you, Heidi

Tanya said...

Was wondering how Oscar is doing! Love your blog, it is real and open and honest, and I believe can be a huge tool to reach out to women. Tanya

Aunt Tea said...

I had a strong desire to shave my legs before posting here, but I resisted. I did brush my teeth tho, and I capitalized all of my "I

Good to see you in blogland. Ü

aka pam malsberger

Debbie Miller said...

Hi!! I love your blog!! But, I have to tell you..I love to shave my legs!! I love the smoothness. But, I do it for ME!! I love you too!