Sunday, April 30, 2017

You Are Held

About a million years ago, we tried to adopt a little two year old girl.  Her momma dropped her off at the church office and said she didn't want her anymore, and that we could have her as long as we didn't dress her in pink(!)

She was very independent because her survival had depended on it.  I remember walking up the stairs with her and trying to hold her hand but she wouldn't let me.  She just kept saying, "ME do it, ME do it."  She wanted to hold on to my finger.  The challenge came when she slipped and let go to catch her self.  She didn't see how my holding on to HER would be so much more secure then her holding on  to my finger.

(It was an emotional rollercoaster adoption attempt, as many are.  It was complicated, with {addicted} relatives involved who took her and hid her.  The good part is that she is a survivor of brain cancer [age four], and eventually was able to be adopted by a family where she had other sisters & is very loved.  Yay.)

My message here is really a simple one...

He's got you.
He holds you.
He's not going to let go of you.

For those you love...
He's got them.
He holds them.
He's not going to let go of them.

I know.  It's super simple.  But, incredibly, incredibly, incredibly important.   You can breath, because He's got you in the palm of His hand, or He's got the one you love in the palm of His hand.  Secure.

Is. 41:13 - For I hold you by your right hand--I, the LORD your God.
 And I say to you, 'Don't be afraid. I am here to help you.'