Sunday, April 3, 2016

Place of Freedom - Highlands Worship


Where is YOUR place of freedom?

In the song, "Place of Freedom" there is a line that says - "I'm going to lift my hands till I can reach heaven..." - and I know that can be a bit confusing,  but I so 'get' it.

Heaven is not far away.  HE is not far away.  But other voices and distractions and questions can get in the way of the very real saturation of heart that comes only from being in the Presence of God.  The safeness of His Presence.  The peace of His Presence.  The joy of His Presence.

Sometimes I lift my hands in surrender.  Sometimes I lift my hands in declaration.  Sometimes I lift my hands to say, "YOU ARE HIGHER THAN ANYONE OR ANYTHING IN MY LIFE."

"...It's a place of's a place where I find freedom..."