Beat a Path to PraiseSomehow, through the thicket of despair and the snarled undergrowth of discouragement–even though thorns of doubt snag your soul and cause you to bleed resentment at the unfairness of it all, beat a path to praise.

Grab the sturdy handle of your will fixed to the razor-sharp scythe of this truth: God’s eye is on you and His sustaining love will bear up your weary heart. Beat a path to praise. 
Cut through the briars of crazy circumstances, stomp down the poison-weed of these whispered lies: you’re not good enough or important enough for God to help…you brought this on yourself, so just deal with it…no one cares; you’re all alone in your confusion. It’s time to whack away at self-pity and the mental amen-ing of enemy deception. Though it takes all you have left, beat a path to praise.
Praise, even from brokenness, is a clearing where your soul can breathe in the kind of peace that requires no sign of resolution to soothe, no proof of worthiness to be fully loved. In the place of praise, you finally know HE is with you and has been all along. And all that seemed all-consuming isn’t, because He is ALMIGHTY and ALL FOR YOU.
It’s time to move from this tangle of pain where you’ve been stuck for too long. It’s time to beat a path to praise.
“I will praise the Lord at all times, I will constantly speak his praises. I will boast only in the Lord; let all who are discouraged take heart.” Psalm 34:1-2