Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Boogers and Bellybuttons...

Two of our grandkids stayed with us for a couple of weeks.
So much fun.
So much energy.  (Them - not me! No problem reaching my 10,000 step goal everyday.)
So much laughter.
So many "moments".

What a gift.
But I did learn some things...

1.  Kids are super honest
2.  Kids remember a lot
3.  Boogers don't bother them as much as they do me
4.  The singing bellybutton man looks better when they do it than when I do it
     (and no, I will not explain what that is to you)
5.  Kids ask hard questions
6.  I want to do everything perfectly for and with them, just like I did with our kids
7.  No one is perfect

After a few days it became apparent that I needed to help the kids center in on good things.  For every  negative thing they said about someone or something, they had to come up with five positive things.  Sometimes they had to really think about it - but, they couldn't go back to playing until they came up with five genuinely good things.

It changed our conversations.  It changed our focus.  It was good.

I need to remember how much it changed things, because sometimes I remember the negative more than the positive. Sometimes I don't take the time to really, intentionally concentrate on the positive.

We passed this tree when we went on a jetboat trip.  In this tree is a bald eagle.  It's on a limb on the left side of the top of the middle tree.  You have to know where to look - and you have to look with intent or you will miss something very cool in the middle of the ordinary.

Be an intentional "blesser" - an intentional seeker of the good.  I'm not talking about denial, I'm talking about what you meditate on, what you allow to take root in your heart and impact your mood and attitude the most.  

"Whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report - if there be any virture - if there be any praise - THINK ON THESE THINGS."  Phil. 4:8

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