Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I don't honk...usually

I think there are "honking" people and non-"honking" people.  I am among the non-"honkers".  Honking rates right up there with the one finger salute to me (unless a life is at stake).

"Honkers" want you to know what they think of your driving - I prefer to talk about your driving in the quiet of my car.   (No, I don't get honked at very often...)

But the other day a weird thing happened.  I was on my way to an exercise class (no, that's not the weird thing), driving down our road.  I saw a neighbor out walking...with her the leash like it's accustomed to doing...but she was looking and talking to something across the street.  I slowed down in case there was something exciting I didn't want to miss.  She something... and I don't know exactly what happened, but my elbow slipped and honked the horn.  I don't know if it involved a 'wave back' reflex or what, but there is was.  I honked.  Right next to a person.  Bummer.

Then, I saw it.  A small little dog was right in front of my car.  IT was what she had been talking to and waving at.  IT was coming to greet her dog, but was so small and dark it blended into the black top.  It stopped because I honked.  I stopped because I honked.  I've heard of Jesus 'taking the wheel', but not Jesus 'honk the horn'.   The neighbor who owned THAT dog came out and got her, waved his thanks and went back home.  The other neighblor waved at me to get going.  Life moves on, I guess.

Life would not have been good at our house if I ran over a dog.  Really.  Honestly.  Not good.  I pray for dogs who are in trouble in movies - even after Dennis reminds me that it's a MOO-VEE.

I made it to the exercise class late, only to find that it's led by a new teacher and involves new positions - many (it seems) are named after animals.  We have a dog that goes down a lot, something about a cow and a cat.  There was a mountain at one point - and - my fav - the flying squirrel (which is evidently different than the superman exercise - some discussion about that).

Here's my deal today.  For all the things I wish were going differently right now, there are tons of things that have happened for my good (and the good of those I'm praying for) that I don't know and won't know until heaven.  The protection, the divine appointments, the preparation for future divine appointments.  The pouring out from heaven - just out of His love for us - that we don't really see or understand.

I want to live each day with an anticipation...of Him.  I want to live each day with a gratitude that it's not up to me and my limited understanding - He's HUGE, His perspective is HUGE, His love is HUGE, His purposes for us are HUGE.

How my elbow slipped and honked I'll never know - but, yay!  I will say, "yes, please", and "thank you, thank you, thank you" to all that He is and all that He wants and all that He has planned....even if it involves doing things in a way that I am not used to.

Evidently, I am now a "honker".  But, I still will not look into the cars of on-coming traffic to see if I know the drivers.  I just won't.  You should be glad that I stay focused, and not be ticked that I didn't wave at you when you drove by.  Really.

Praying that you see the blessing in your moments...
with love....

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