Sunday, March 1, 2015

I wonder...

I wonder...

Am I like my mom?

Why does my chin hair grow so fast but my eyelashes don't?

Is it okay to wish that patience wasn't so important?

Do they make toilet seat covers differently these days?  It seems like I have to punch out the middle part more deliberately than I use to.

Is the skin on my fingers really loose?  My grandson said it was - there's a lot of "loose" on my body these days, but my finger skin?   Really?

Why do people break their promises?

Is it normal to stash cash in my underwear drawer?  I found some cash there that I don't remember hiding.  It was a nice surprise - like finding $5 in your coat pocket but....huh.     (Of course I can't do that anymore since I've now announced it here on my VERY popular blog.   All three of you now know that there MIGHT be some cash in my underwear drawer!)

Why does it bug me so much if someone blows their nose onto the ground, but it doesn't bother me to blow the contents of my nose onto a tissue and keep it in my coat pocket for several days?

Does it mean something if you send an occasional text to the wrong person?  (Like a text you meant for your husband but it went to the person who actually texted you last.  Ugh.)

I know you're expecting me to wrap this up with an ah-ha moment and great scripture.  Not gonna happen.

Just wondering....

Oh, ok - here's a scripture....Psalms 139:14 - "Thank you for making me so complex!..."  Dennis will love that - he likes to tell me how "complex" I am.  :-)