Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Are you someone famous?"

This weekend the best church family in the world (Parkway) did something for our family (the Webbers) that we will never forget.

 They celebrated with us (our 20th anniversary of being lead pastors here at Parkway).  They enjoyed our family.  They enjoyed our friends that aren't usually in the building (either physically or by video) - people they didn't know but loved anyway because we love them.  Thank you for every thought, every prayer, every word, every well-kept secret plan and preparation.   Thank you for filling our adult sons with your love - and letting our little Webbers be little (they LOVED the streamers shot out of the cannon).  Thank you!

Monday, four generations of Webbers did the jet boat trip down the Rogue River - a first with little Webbers.  We did the shorter trip and had a blast (although I was counting on great-grandpa getting a little wetter than he did…)!

After the trip, there was a gentleman who seemed to always be where I was.  Finally, he asked our son if I was famous.  "Is she who I think she is?"  Andrew said, "Well, she's famous to us."   Very nice.  The man said again, "She's not who I think she is?"  We kept walking.  His next comment to me…"Well, you're much prettier than her anyway."!

Sometimes we are similar.  The picture (above) of an inner tube rider is not me - it's my friend Debbie.  I really wouldn't post a picture of me in a bikini (ok, she doesn't have a bikini on either.)  We must look somewhat similar because when we are out together people consistently ask if we are sisters.

The big similarity needs to be that we all look like…..Jesus.  It should not surprise people to find out that we are related to Him!   But, He made all of us kids to be so different - and He did that on purpose.  You are who you are with eternity reaching destiny in mind.  We need you to be  - - - you.  You hold in your hand the faith key that will unlock someone else's ability to experience FREEDOM.  Please don't discount who God made you to be.

Father - thank you for letting us serve alongside so many heroes of the faith.  People who walk with You in such a way that brings courage and encouragement in moments they are never aware of.  Thank you that we do this journey with those who build up, who rejoice when a step is taken, and know victory when they see it.  Thank you for these precious ones who lay down their own desires for the sake of your Kingdom.  Thank you for those who contend (and praise You) while under pressure, sorrow, pain and disappointment - a harvest is coming because of their faithfulness.  

May You increase in us…...

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