Sunday, October 13, 2013


This weekend we celebrated Dennis' dad's 80th birthday. 
 He wanted a family party, so that's what he got!  

Four generations of fun.

Absolutely crazy-loud, crazy-messy, crazy-laughter, crazy-hugging with occasional outbursts from the  I-don't-want-to-share moments.  And that was just great-grandpa!  (Just kidding...)   Five kids -  6 years old and under will provide lots of opportunities to 'make good choices'!

Also, this weekend, I was a part of a worship leaders conference.  The first session centered around the unity theme.  Yesterday, my thoughts of the Kingdom - and our family - collided.  All different ages, all different levels of maturity and personality and style and income and places in the journey.  All being together on purpose.

If I LOVE the fact that our family makes sacrifices to be together - to honor - to respect - to love - to serve - to ENJOY each other,  how much more must God LOVE when His family chooses to do the same?


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