Monday, February 6, 2012

My battle with thoughts, words and cats...

Yesterday's Super Bowl will be marked in my memory by yet another cat trying to jump onto my head.  I've written about that before - how my head seems to attract the activity of cats - but this time it had an unusual (!) element.

We were at the home of friends, enjoying the game with several people as well as the family cat - who had sniffed and investigated me, but had seemed pretty bored with what she found.  I thought I was cleared.  It's like the feeling I have when I make it through security at an airport!  

And then came the twist.  My friend Debbie SAID TO THE CAT, "Do you want to jump on Jeanette's head?"  At which time, the cat walked around the recliner, jumped from the floor to the top of the chair and swatted at my head.   Really?  The cat took my friend Debbie's suggestion??????  It was just weird.

My reason for sharing this with you is this...

The responsibility of care for my elderly parents,  the reaction to my husband's decision to be obedient to God and place a stake in the ground for peace in our community, and my heart's vulnerability to be pierced with the sorrows of those around me has led me on a journey.  I am very intentionally 'bringing every thought (and every word) into captivity'.  One thought can lead me down a road of anxiety so quickly, if not captured and accepted, or rejected and replaced.  The picture of Maggie (above) reminds me of what a thought or a word can do - and how the effects expand from that one...little...word or thought. 

 This is not a devotional, surface, "that's nice" concept for me.  This is a "the enemy's intent is to steal, kill and destroy" vs. "I HAVE COME TO BRING YOU LIFE" process for me right  

So, today, LORD - "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight - oh Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer.  (Ps. 19:14)  Thank You that You know my past, my present and my future.  When I take my dad to the doctor today, (and try to advocate with another doctor on behalf of my mom today), remind me that You hold them and You hold their future - it's not all up to me and my very limited wisdom.  I thank You for every bit of today, Lord.  Thank You that You ARE the Redeemer and the Restorer and the Defender and the Healer and the Deliverer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   
Love, Jeanette 


dianne kirkwood said...

Wow, this is so good, the supreme spiritual battle, I know, has been and will continue to be in my mind. I was just sharing this in my CR 12-step group last night now that the battle was so fierce, but with much perseverance in replacing my unhealthy thots with His Truth process, it brings me much more peace and actually becomes easier at times. Must engage today as I do not understand what the purpose is in our current struggle with pain issues and now chronic insomnia for me, because of inability to get down my progesterone capsule,only 3 hours last night. So much wanted to be a vibrant and thriving witness for Him. "Tho there be pain in the offering, blessed be your name," comes to mind. I'm with you on the fight, dear, there must be some fantastic blessing on the other side of this current set of trials and I do mean in the here and now!

Anonymous said...

Your post is really hitting home with me right now as the enemy has been working overtime since I have taken my stand in the artist community as a Christian. As I have been embarking on my new sculpture project of Ruth, my plantar facitis in my feet and the problems with my sciatica has been making it hard for me to stand or sit for any length of time and now I am having trouble writing this because I am sitting on my couch with my arm in a sling and on pain medication and muscle relaxers for a new bursitis issue that started yesterday morning. I mean feet, my hips and now the use of my arms??? And yet I know that this is just an attack. I may hurt but I know that my God is bigger than the hurt. I know that my God is faithful and I know His promise to me is true. My love and prayers are with you and I am singing worship songs and praise songs over you and over all the women that have been posting their prayer needs on the Parkway Women Facebook page.