Sunday, January 8, 2012

Every move I make I make in You....

It was my Sunday to lead worship this morning. I did something I rarely do - I led what I personally needed to declare. Usually, my M.O. is to lead on behalf of the fellowship. Today I felt permission to lead from a more personal place.

"Every Move I Make I Make in You" - Don't even remember the last time I led that song - it involves La-la's and I'm not a La-la'er! But, when I walk into my parents accommodations these days I feel the definite need to know that I'm not alone - and... that I'm not failing when I can't fix them - and... there is a way to do this with joy. I am definitely not the one in control of life.

In my heart I sang over my friend who goes in for a biopsy tomorrow morning. A tumor on her liver. Lord, what happens in the realm we cannot see when we sing Your song loud and strong? "You are good and Your love endures forever." We declare Your Goodness, Lord, in the lives of those we love and are contending for.

Life is crazy. While I am helping people be ushered into heaven at the end of their earthly lives, I get to hold a brand new little guy. A gift who was prayed for and prayed over for a long time. Crazy, crazy day.

You are the Lord my God. I desire to love You, listen to Your voice, and hold fast to You, for You, Lord, are my life. Deut. 30:20

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Jojo said...

Jeanette, I just want you to know that even as you were leading on behalf of your personal battle, you were also leading on behalf of all of us going through personal battles. When you share your heart, God uses it to speak to others' hearts. I know it gives me a glimpse of who you are and allows me to connect with you and battle alongside you. It reminds me that we are not alone. Love you so much!