Monday, November 7, 2011

Choose joy...

Come as a little child. What does that really mean?

24 hours ago I was sitting with a lovely sister as she passed from this life to the next. The process was intense but the actual moment was peaceful.

I have been pretty useless today. I did not attend a graveside service for someone I knew years ago at noon, and didn't go with Dennis to a memorial service tonight. I am absolutely thrilled for those who get to spend eternity with their Maker, but the lose on this side of heaven is hard.

These days I hear this call, "CHOOSE JOY!" Really? In the middle of my parents' struggle? In the middle of walking with a grieving family who have experienced several family members who have passed in recent months? When I read or hear people's comments about the one I'm one with? Really?

One thing that Maggie does is something I guess I need to do. Put on my butterfly wings, and choose joy. Trust my Father. Allow myself to be loved. Laugh outloud. Maggie's a good teacher.

The joy of the Lord is our strength....In His Presence is FULLNESS of joy....

So, I will intentionally seek Him out. His Word, His Presence, His Provision, His joy. "CHOOSE JOY." Ok.

(Someday I'll tell you how I learned that a person should ALWAYS check that the brakes are set on their mother's wheelchair, or, why the decision to eat a tootsie roll in the ICU room was such a hard one - even though my blood sugar was so low...but, for today the message is - CHOOSE JOY!)

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Jojo said...

Love you Jeanette. You are in my prayers.