Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'll Fly Away, Oh Glory?

Here's a crazy deal. On Monday, Dennis and I were coming home from a conference. After the plane took off and was trying to reach the desired altitude there was a very loud whooshing sound that happened - three times. We've flown a lot. I actually like to fly - but, this was a freaky deal. Both Dennis and I were not excited about whatever would cause such a sound. The flight attendant was....very concerned. The pilot was...not confidence building in his way of communicating what was going on. The plane stopped climbing and slowed in speed. We were cruising slow and low.

I've never really had a fear of dying in a plane crash before. This time I started to go over the safety procedures in my mind. Something about using my cushion as a flotation device - but we were flying over farms, so I don't know how that would help! I WANTED OFF THAT PLANE! No really. I wanted OFF! I thought about when my dear friend was facing radiation that was't going well with her body and I was responsible for getting her to the hospital - and she DID NOT want to get in that car. GET ME OUT OF THIS SITUATION. At some point in time, for some odd reason, I decided I didn't want to die all stressed out. If I was going to go to heaven that day, I was going to go in peace.

Eventually, the pilot communicated that they thought a hose had come loose from one of two air conditioning units. No big deal - right? The kicker came when we found out that those units also pressurize the cabin. The plan seemed to be that we would fly low and slow from Nashville to Denver. Evidently it takes more fuel to fly low and slow - so that was a concern. Would we have enough fuel?

Needless to say, when we landed in Denver we were very happy campers.

What I learned from this...or want to learn from this that actually changes my thought life...

It's actually harder to fly low and slow. The Word says that we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. It also says that His ways are higher. Where is my perspective formed? Through the eyes and heart of Jesus or through my own perspective?

JW lesson number one: If I didn't want to die all stress out - I certainly don't want to live all stressed out!

JW lesson number two: Have heavenly perspective - fly higher! Flying low and slow takes a lot more work and energy. Low and slow for me is having to understand people/things, feeling like I'm responsible to fix people/things. Flying high for me means that I must know that God's the one that's in control. I don't even know how to fly (physically or spiritually)!!! He gets me, and He gets the situation(s) that are currently happening in everyone we're concerned with.

God give us heavenly perspective today, and the ability to take deep breathes! Blessings!

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