Saturday, October 29, 2011

Evidently, I am not Nita Mehringer...

I'm wondering if I'm the only one that thought being a "grown up" would look and feel different than it does? Somehow I thought I'd be a combo of Mrs. Cannizaro , Nita Mehringer and my grandma. Mrs. Cannizaro could put out a fabulous meal for a dozen Bethany students at the drop of a hat. Everyone helped and was glad to do so! Nita was wonderful with kids - grew, canned and juiced her own...everything (I think), and had a wonderful, gentle spirit, faith, peace AND sense of humor. My Grandma Johnson - well, I MIGHT have a skewed memory of her because I can't think of anything about her I didn't like.

Now I'm older - grown up, I guess. I still have more questions than answers about this life. I do dorky things just about everytime I try to cook, even though I really try hard. I can't seem to be a good enough daughter, mother, wife, friend, pastor's wife, lead worshipper....and now, I really stink at learning to play golf!

Golf reminds me of real life. If I'm not in the perfect position I miss the ball, hit the ball on the top, hit the grass BEHIND the ball with great force, boing it to one side or the other. Today, we were hitting a bucket of balls and I was asked to stop for awhile because some guys came into range and we needed to watch out for their safety! Really? They were on the other side of TREES! I don't want to be too dramatic here, but that was discouraging!

But occasionally there's the ping of hitting the ball with the sweet spot on the club. The ball sails just like it's suppose to. I say to myself, "finally I kept my head down, my knees bent, my grip right - I'm finally getting the hang of this!" Usually I make the mistake of trying to hit again and watch it skip across the grass instead of fly in the air! And, yes, I want to make a face at someone just like my grandson did in this picture.

I not only have to work at taking every THOUGHT captive, I must take every FACIAL EXPRESSION captive before it manifests on my face! (Just ask anyone who chooses to look over my way while Dennis is preaching. Yep, I can feel you looking!!!)

What's heaven's response to all this that I'm processing tonight? GRACE. Undeserved favor. "Really?" (I ask Him..) "Really"! (He replies.) "Leave being Perfect to Me. As long as you are handing me who you are, and what you have in your hand (like the stones in David's pocket) it'll be ok. Because, it's not by might and not by power, but by My Spirit - says the Lord."

Want to join me in taking some deep breaths of the love and grace of Jesus? Want to choose with me that it's too hard to expect perfection? Want to hear Jesus say, "Amen" to that kind of prayer? Blessings...

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