Thursday, August 18, 2011

Signs of my times...

Yesterday was a ... funny day. I went to bed feeling fine, I woke up with one eye absolutely glued shut. Strange. It was the last day of moving my parents from one home to another - and I REALLY needed to be there. So, I put on my really cool sun glasses, made a doctor appointment and headed out for the day. Got the peeps going that were helping with the final loads of the move, went to the doc and found out I had a bacterial infection - - - and continued on with the day.

At some point I looked down at my feet. I had similar but not matching flip-flops on, and hadn't noticed it till the afternoon. I'm not super sharp when it comes to accessorizing, but even I know that one should wear matching shoes.

Today, still can't wear make-up because of the infection. (Please understand that any make-up I wear only brings me up to the "she looks like she cares" level - never the "glamorous" level.) So now I don't look like I care AND I look super tired. Perfect. And, I forgot earrings (which seemed important today, for some reason) - and, I'm really thinking that this shirt doesn't go with my pants like I thought it did this morning when I was looking at it with my one good eye. But the day goes on!

I have a scripture hanging by my desk that says this - "She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. Her heart is secure, she will have no fear; in the end she will look in triumph on her foes." Ps. 112:7-8

I really and truly want to be the "she" in these verses... but ... when the phone rings, I find myself dreading what I'll heart feels torn up in little tiny pieces...and for the life of me I can't figure out what God is doing!

What I am praying at this very moment is that I WILL LOOK WITH TRIUMPH ON MY FOES - even if it's with my one good eye!

Love and blessing and peace and wisdom and a stirring of faith to you today!!!!