Monday, April 18, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I am thankful that I have a thoughtful, generous, caring husband who has not traded me in - even with all the weird stuff he's had to go through with me. In the middle of feeling pretty yucky this weekend, he managed to help me celebrate my birthday with such a sense of caring.

I am thankful for a friend who would call from Turkey to say happy birthday and say out loud his family's love on my behalf. (Even though he reminded me that it would cost hundreds of dollars and I only had 45 seconds to talk to him!!!) My heart felt - hugged.

I am thankful for the look on a person's face who has really heard from heaven! The joy, the awe, the pureness in the eyes of one who is so excited about what God is doing. Oh my stars...

I am thankful for the sound of the song of the Lord coming from His kids. Hearing the church family sing praise is my favorite instrument.

I love having kids, but I really love having grandkids. I am grateful for the hearts of our kids letting us into their lives to love on the grandkids. I am grateful for FaceTime and Skype so that I can see their little faces and watch their bodies run in circles and hear their little voices try to tell me big secrets!

I am thankful for genuine friends, for authentic hugs, for laughing that comes from the core of a person, for peace that comes when it shouldn't be there, for Promises that God has and will keep.

The struggle that Oscar is going through makes my heart literally hurt - and oddly enough, the response I hear from heaven is ... be grateful. So you have just read my attempt at being obedient. Thanks for listening to my heart...


Joyce Kathleen said...

There you are, my sister, worshiping-- with or without a "song". It is so YOU and it leaves me speechless.
I love you

lia said...

Thanx for sharing your heart, Jeanette! Thanx for you...Your Sister in Christ, Lia

lia said...

Thank-you for sharing your heart, Jeanette and thank-you for just being you. You bless the balcony every Sunday when you lead worship the Holy Spirit fills our hearts and the church. We are so blessed to know you! I'm not to good at words but you know...Love you my Sister in Christ..Lia

Mary said...

thank you for lifting my heart.
I love how you share your heart.
love you too,
Mary (Anderson)

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your heart.
I love how you write. You are a blessing.
Love you,
Mary (Anderson)

A Word Weaver said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful heart! So thankful for your cheering you on, Jeanette. (And Oscar keeps coming to mind so I am praying for him, too!) Hugs to you!