Saturday, February 12, 2011

You HAVE to laugh...

So, here's the deal. I am a woman, I am a pastor's wife, I am over 50. All those things should add up to experience and expertise. I think I keep expecting the older woman who has been to a bizillion potlucks to be ABLE TO COOK!!!! Really, come ON!

Today's adventure...
I need to take a dessert to an event tonight. Let me remind you that last time I took a cake to care group I have managed to turn the 'glaze' into 'hard cement candy' (that doesn't melt if you try to melt it with your blow dryer, by the way).

SO, I'm going to try another cake. First, after adding 4 eggs to the mixing bowls, the rest of the eggs fell off the counter - that is not a pretty sight!

Next, cook the cake...seemed to do ok with that. Next - - - the dreaded FROSTING. Trying a different frosting this time. Only.....evidently one must wait for the cake to cool more than 15 minutes. Really? I have things to do.

The cake was cooked in a tube pan so it's very convenient for the icing to SLIDE OFF the cake into the hole. And then, something darkish started bubbling up from the hole through the fallen icing. (It was melted icing, I guess, acting like a little volcano!)

You're wondering if I'm going to take this beauty with us tonight, aren't you? You bet your booties, grannie! I am bringing something to a function besides my usual assignment - which is chips or bread or a drink. Will people stare at it like they're looking at an ugly baby and don't know what to say? I don't know, and I don't care.

It seems that God and I are continuing to work on the 'you don't have to perfect' part of life - again.

I know that has to be really disappointing to the person who keeps sending me Bon Appetite magazine. Yes, I AM trying!

In 15 minutes we'll be leaving - I'll carry my...creation into the fellowship hall...and Dennis will be entering from a different door! I bet we'll be having a 'look what happens when you try to bake' talk when we get home. (Not really - he's the kindest man in the universe, when it comes to my cooking!) At least I didn't severe any tendons this time. That's got to be worth something!

I know - this isn't very deep when it comes to spiritual truth. I just don't want to hear one more person say they won't try something because they are not good enough. Please. Thank you.


Jojo said...

Thank you for sharing that story Jeanette! It made me laugh, but at the same time made me think of that first practice with worship team last month. I was so scared! But after you came and helped me, I felt so much better! Now the new challenge: leading a kid's worship service. I keep reminding myself that in our weakness He is strong. Thanks for the reminder that we don't have to be perfect!

judy said...

I like "you don't have to be perfect" part!!!