Monday, January 17, 2011

Where do I land???

I have been resistant to writing a blog entry these days. The days have been full of 'stuff' that takes your breath away. The memorial service for a 29 year old dad that we had a couple of days nephew's brain aneurism...our kids moving to central California...the ups and downs of our grandson's medical challenges and the weariness of our kids in that process as parents 90th birthdays (finding out my mom really didn't want to turn 90 or be reminded that she's 90 and I have 90 birthday cards coming to celebrate!)...and I could actually go on about circumstances directly connected to my heart that have occurred over these last few weeks, but I won't (aren't you glad!!!) So, where do I land when it comes to sharing my heart with you?

My friend Kathleen gave me this picture years ago. It's a bird in a rain storm perched on a cactus! At the moment, that is a picture of me. But, what I'm waiting for, looking for, listening for is...."He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul..."

I have another picture in our living room that is a river running through a cathedral. It's calm, it's rich with Life, it's continual. And THAT'S where I've landed today. I love when we celebrate in His presence, but I also love that He is the Prince of Peace. He will never, ever run out of peace. As I drink every day from that River, from His presence I am comforted and strengthened.

Yes, I can have peace if I'm perched on a cactus in a storm - but that is a temporary part of my journey. I choose to DWELL with my roots running deep in the River of Life.