Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am struck today with gratefulness. It's for something that won't matter in eternity but is such a gift from heaven for me! I can play the piano while I worship. Couldn't do that for 2 years because of the severed tendons deal. This is the first Thanksgiving that I can play without the damaged nerve firing in anger back at me at every attempt. Last Thanksgiving I sat in defiance of the circumstances and tried to play anyway. That wasn't all that fun! Every day this week I've sat down and sang and worshiped, and sang some more - just for the fun of it.

Oh My God, I thank You! Thank you for handing back to me what You had given me in the first place. Thank you.

I look around me in anticipation and expectation of what You'll do next. You bless us when we don't expect it and don't deserve it. Please surprise someone this very moment with Your blessing, Your provision, Your healing, Your peace.

THANK YOU, Abba - Father.

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dianne kirkwood said...

Praising and thanking Him with you!