Monday, November 1, 2010

Higher Ground

I have a gift - at least I'm choosing to see it as a gift! Random songs will pop up in my head, for no obvious reason. I was humming something in the car last week and Dennis asked me, "what is that song you are humming?" And...I didn't know - until this morning. It was the theme song from the old Dick Van Dyke Show. Hello. Who has a brain that spits out random old-school TV show themes. What is that a sign of?

Anyway...another song has popped up and stuck in my brain as well as my heart - and that one is worth sharing with you...

I'm pressing on the upward way, new heights I'm gaining every day!
Still praying as I onward bound, "Lord, plant my feet on higher ground"

Lord, lift me up and let me stand, by faith, on heaven's tableland
A higher plane than I have found, Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

(Here's my favorite verse...)

My heart has no desire to stay - where doubts arise and fears dismay
tho' some may dwell where these abound, my prayer, my aim is higher ground!!!!

I wish I had a picture of Tablerock (a rock that people hike in So. Oregon - that's big and flat on the top). I don't have that. But I do have this picture of these birds on a huge rock at the coast. I took this picture because it was REALLY windy that day, and all of the birds were facing the wind. I know I am suppose to learn from that positioning! (If you click on the picture it'll be big enough to see the birds.)

Someone needs to hear - the higher ground road IS WORTH IT!!!!!!

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