Monday, October 4, 2010

His eye is on the ... frog ...

"His eye is on the sparrow....and I KNOW He watches me." Ok, so I haven't taken a picture of a sparrow yet - I have this one of a little frog in one of our roses. He let the frog rest in a rose, for heaven's sake. It's fun AND it's sobering. So, now my song is..."His eye is on the fro-og...and I KNOW He watches me."

For some reason, the prayer that I am praying for my lovely Parkway sisters this morning is this - "Lord, show them Your provision for them. Show them that You have not left them to walk alone - that is a lie of the enemy. Show them Your love. Help them rest today in a rose. If You'll do that for a frog, You will surely do it for your daughters. Be revolutionary in their lives!!!!!!!" Amen

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Aunt Tea said...

And amen. Praying that YOUR day will include NEW encouragement.