Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I cried to the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all of my fears."

So, I had a break-through thought this morning - at least it was to me.

I have been praying about - no, begging God - to help me concerning something that makes my heart HURT. Hurt, like, over and over again. Hurt, like, you think you've dealt with something and don't think about it during the day but wake up thinking about it in the early morning hours so it's been stirring around in the back of your mind somewhere. That kind of hurt. Thought that forgiveness was settled. Didn't know what to do next. Felt like it was chained to my heart and I couldn't find the clasp to disconnect it. HELP ME, JESUS.

This is what I felt like I heard this morning, on the way to church. It seems that I have been waiting for human words to come and heal my heart. In some deep place, I have been expecting someone to call or come in some way, say the right words and my heart would be healed. Healing from a human. What I heard was, "I will heal your broken heart. Not the right words from a person - I will heal your heart. You are expecting healing from a human".

You see, I always tend to hope. Hope for resolution. Hope for restoration. Hope for authenticity. Unfulfilled expectations lead to...a lot of things that don't bring life.

I will place my hope and my heart in the hands of my God. HE WILL HEAL MY HEART, and out of that healing I will speak life to others, not death.

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