Monday, June 14, 2010

Today is Monday...

Today is Monday. My brain really needs to WORK on Mondays and that's not always the case. But, my heart worked today and I'm pretty excited about that.

I needed to accomplish some stuff having to do with my parents. Insurance stuff, communication regarding what looks like an upcoming surgery for my father. STUFF. In my devotions this morning I simply asked that I would be aware of My Heavenly Father's favor today. I'm of the strong opinion that God does things for us all the time, but we don't 'get it'. We don't see it. It just doesn't register as from Him. So, Lord, please let Your blessings REGISTER with me.

One of my errands (after being with my folks) was to talk to someone at U.S. Cellular about my smart phone. (sigh) My smart phone is really smart - I can rarely get an answer to my challenges with it. But, today...while I was of the employees started asking (in a very loud voice) - "WHO HAS THE BLACK HONDA CIVIC?" . Well, I have a blue Honda Civic so I waited to see who had the BLACK civic. He then announces, "IT'S ROLLING DOWN THE PARKING LOT"! I went to the window and sure enough - it was my BLUE Honda Civic that was being restrained from crunching into the car on the other side of the parking lot by an employee! A girl (Stephanie) was behind it! Holding it until the owner could be found! Me!

Really - - - a girl was behind my car, keeping it from rolling into another car.

I went and got a gift card at Dutch Bros. to give her as a thank you - and looked up to heaven and said, "I get it. THANK YOU." I'd get God a Dutch Bros. gift card if He liked coffee, but what He really wants is my trust and my JOY at His Presence and His Provision. So, that's what He's getting right now. Thank you Lord, for Your provision and blessing and favor. For every traffic light that was green and every conversation that was fruitful. Thank you.

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