Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thoughts and conversations that I've had this week...

~Supposedly my ears and my nose will continue to grow until I die. Not that happy about the thought.
~When the woman who colors my hair warns me that the color will be 'richer' this time, it means that it's going to be darker enough that people will comment on my new hair color.
~When did the holes in my earlobes stretch????? Looks like I've been prepping for a plug look. Really? My earlobes are stretching out and going south? Really?
~I tried to medically advocate for my elderly mom this week in a very challenging environment - to the point that I started crying. I dislike my gift of tears. The whole experience made me sad. It's hard to see your parents decline and not be able to fix things for them.
~I missed our grandson's 3rd birthday party today because of our schedule - couldn't fit in 6 hours of driving today. He'll have a blast. I am sad at missing his moment.

One thing I love about serving Jesus is that He never changes. My body and my world is changing. But the Word says, - "Jesus Christ the same - yesterday, today and forever." He doesn't get weary. He doesn't get disappointed. He doesn't have less than mature moments or emotions effected by hormones. He is Faithful. He has a new portion of mercy for us every single day.

This blog is a personal response to what I think is a challenge from the enemy to not be transparent. I want to be real in my walk with Jesus and my walk with those who are with me on the journey. But being 'real' has brought with it some pain. My choice is to shut down and cover up so people won't shoot bullets of opinion my way, real and hand Him - and you - who I really am. This blog entry is an act of obedience to do just that.

God bless your day as you delight in who you really are - and know that God made you that way you are because we need you!


alice said...

I look in the mirror and realize I can't stop the hands of time. Maybe if I had enough money to waste I could keep my face puffed up and stretched out to look younger.
Jeanette, I'm sorry you missed your grandson's birthday. My eighth grandchild, Skylare is 1 1/2 and I have yet to meet her because I can't afford to go to southern CA.
Jesus just keeps whispering hang in there. Better days are yet to come. Blessings.

Renee said...

Oh yes I hear and feel your heart about your parents. It just hurts and the tears sometimes stain. All I know is we won't have these kind of challenges and unwanted tears in heaven. Today was Grandma Paula's 88th birthday and we were a little empty not being able to celebrate with her.
Love Renee Schmieder

judy said...

I've had the same wonderings about my ears, nose, hair, and ear lobes! I'm realizing however that these physical (and emotional) things I cannot control only cause me to long for heaven all the more! "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus!"

Cristalrenae said...

I understand how vexing it can be when you are a medical advocate for your loved ones whose healh is failing. If it is any consolation, I too, have battled the medical profession with frustrated tears on behalf of my grandparents. And when I asked "Why Lord?" He answered and said, "You may not understand the reason right now, but do you trust Me enough with your loved ones?" And I have come to place where I can say I can trust my Lord even with those I care deeply about for He knows what is best far more than I do. Thank you so much for your blog. You have been such an encouragement to me this year! And yes; you are just as beautiful as the day I met you seven years ago on the inside and the outside!!