Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I'll talk a little more about the hike I blogged about last time...

Initially, there's a place to view the ocean that's pretty easy access. A paved path, hand rails, handicap access. Someone else did a lot of work so that others could just come in and enjoy the view.

When you take the hike to the higher vantage point, you leave the easy access. Every once in awhile there's clearing and you can look back to see how far you've come - you can see the look-out with people standing there.

Probably 45 minutes into our hike fog started to develop. It collected quickly around the place of easy access. Those people simply could not see the view any longer.

By the time we headed back down the path, fog had filled where beautiful view had been several hours before.

My heart was sad as I watched the fog envelop those people...it reminded me of the Church.

Someone goes before us and experiences God (the View). Tries to make it as accessible as possible for others to see Him.

Some are happy to not go any higher - if higher involves work or discomfort - or the path isn't what they anticipated.

Fog can be discouraging in our lives but, it's only VAPOR - it's not a brick wall. Don't believe the voice of the enemy when he whispers to you in the fog.

We love to see the magnificence of God but is He less magnificent when we are fogged in? NO! His magnificence is still there - just like the ocean is there whether those people could actually see it or not. Don't be disoriented, discouraged, or let your faith be dampened by the fog.

I truly believe that it is time to leave the easy access place and climb higher on the the trail less traveled. Don't turn back - PRESS ON!

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kimbo1966 said...

Hello jeanette, I love what you said about the fog. I have felt that way more times than not. In my own journey I felt like God wasn't there (the fog) was all around (Satan) had discouraged me. It took prayer and getting back to where I needed to be that the fog started to lift. So comforting to know that God had never left me that whole time, but I had just been so hindered the evil one kept from Him. Now, even when things get rough like the waves of the ocean I will follow Him. Have you heard that song. " Let the waters rise" It's new. I love it!!! I will always press on, no matter how deep the waters get or how rough the trail
Take care Jeanette