Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Miracles

My Miracles - by Jeanette Webber
This weekend I had my own miracles - small ones, in the light of eternity - but miracles still. Danita and Oscar came and spent a couple of days with us. I actually carried him a couple of times. He's a little 'linebacker' for a 2 year old. I haven't really been able to carry him for most of his 2 years because of my stinky wrist damage. I carried Oscar. Pretty cool.

This morning I played the keyboard for Children's Church Worship. I'm sure they call Children's Church something really fun but I'm not good at remember the fun, code names for things so.......I was in Children's Church and they let me play - and I could play. I played all the songs Rhonda wanted to sing - without any pain. None. Pretty cool.

The funny thing is - no one else really noticed or clapped or said, "Hallelujah"! Only me, down in my bellybutton area somewhere, shouted - "THANK YOU, GOD"!!!!!! I can play the piano again - I can carry precious things again - and I can write in my journal again. Wow.

I want to encourage you to keep walking, keep believing, keep resting in Jesus, keep looking up AND keep looking around for miracles!

Jesus, please give my brothers and sisters an infusion of faith at this very moment that You are who You say You are, You do what you say You'll do, and they CAN believe in Your goodness - and Power - and Grace. Amen.

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