Monday, October 12, 2009

Just grateful

So, last night I played the piano for our night of worship. I have been able to play very little since the accident in the last (almost) 2 years. I certainly haven't played much since the last surgery. Last night I played for the better part of 3 hours. Last WEEK I couldn't play more than 2 songs without the shooting pain of a nerve being very angry in my wrist. And today - no pain.

I cannot put into words my depth of gratitude. First, for the wonder of the Presence of God that we experienced last night. Secondly, for the privilege of getting to play again. I came home and knelt down and . . . . felt such gratitude to our God.

That is really all I can say to you today - I'm so grateful.


Casey Raquel said...

Yaye!!!! ;)

Foster Fam said...

We, too are grateful! Worship was awesome.

Robin said...


Susan said...

Thank you for sharing this awesome blessing from God. I put aside playing musical instruments when sad things happened and I didn't even have a phsyical injury! Someone I know found a guitar in a dumpster, fixed it up and brought it to me a few months ago. I am finally practicing again, humbled and learning that God gave me another chance to play; out of the garbage came a treasure, a gift. I rejoice with you for another chance to play an instrument for God. Praise His holy name!