Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Dreaded.....Garage Sale

This weekend, I participated in a garage sale with my neighbor. I totally understand that some people LOVE garage sales - I'm just not one of them. I deeply enjoy a good bargain - that's not the problem. It's the bargaining that I struggle with. The "I know you're asking a whole quarter for this set of bedroom furniture - but, will you take 15 cents for it?" deal. Can't do it. Don't want to do it. Won't do it.

This weekend I put stuff in a garage sale - the second time in my life to do so. I had fun with my neighbor - made some money to go toward the dryer we had to replace - and actually had some of my faith restored in humanity. Some people did do the bargaining - I think one couple even lied to get a bargain ("I only HAVE $2, not $3" - no eye contact, whatever). But one lady actually gave back a dollar that was given incorrectly as change, and one man rounded the total UP instead of down. (He gave us an extra 25 cents!)

What did I learn? Well, I learned that I really, really like integrity - even if it means that you don't make the sweet deal you could have made.

I learned that I probably wasn't listening to the voice in my heart that says..."and my God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches in glory" when I decided to do the dreaded garage sale. I felt like I needed to do SOMETHING to help with the bills we have right now - even if that meant (dun--dun, dun, dun...) a garage sale.

I am NOT saying that people should not have garage sales. I'm just saying that for me it was not an act of faith - or an act of trust - or an act of rest. It was an act of...'I need to do SOMETHING here!' That is not faith for me.

Why confess this here for you to read? Because, I want to be a faithful, faith-filled woman - even when the bills look huge or the kids are struggling or too many people around us are going through deep waters. I want to be found faith-FULL.

My God will meet all of your needs, according to HIS RICHES IN GLORY. Yay.

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Casey Raquel said...

You have never really struck me as a garage sale woman...but definitely as a faithful woman!Love you!