Thursday, July 30, 2009

Riding a bike upside down...

Had a funny experience this week. It's been hot and I laid down on a hard bench for a minute. I felt something unusual. I felt the skin on my face....move. Really. I was looking up at the ceiling and it seemed as if the skin on my face was being pulled by gravity toward the floor. It's a weird feeling when you realize something you thought was securely evidently. When I stood back up gravity again pulled it to the floor. My skin is....loose....oh my stars.

My first experience with loose skin came after having our first son. I wanted to get back into shape after the birth so I went to an exercise class. For some reason, back in the olden days, one of the exercises that was a staple involved laying down, lifting your legs into the air, balancing on your neck and shoulders and pedaling an imaginary bike. Pedal, pedal, pedal. I haven't seen that particular move in an exercise class for a LONG time now, but back in the day it was mandatory for some reason. Anyway, I lifted my legs in the air and to my horror I felt and saw my stomach move from my abdomen to my chest. It was loose and now was falling toward my throat with enough force to choke me! Hello. End of exercise session in FRONT of people that day!

I have MANY exercise experiences that I could share - but won't right now. I guess for today I'm grateful that although I seem to be coming loose in some areas, the Bible says that Jesus has a STRONGHOLD on me. He will not loosen His grip on me. WE ARE TIGHT! Yay!

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Silk Road Nomads said...

Hey...made me laugh. That is a good thing.