Monday, July 6, 2009

"I sold the couch while you were gone..."

I LOVE things that make me laugh out loud! I really, really do. Our life is FULL of very intense life situations that people are going through and I find such a GIFT in laughter. It's kind of a balance thing to me. (Just like we need PRAISE to balance a burden of INTERCESSION - but that's another subject for another time...)

So, yesterday I had a couple of painful situations come my way. I 'work out' stressful situations like that (most of the time)....and cleaning out things (clutter, drawers, closets, etc...). Yesterday I decided to 'clean out' by putting some stuff on Craig's list to sell. I've never done that before. I'm a newbie Craig's Lister. I learned some things. One - if you put too cheap a price on something, chances are you are going to get A LOT of interest in that object. Evidently, a lot of people on Craig's list love a deal!!!!!

Here's the funniest moment of my day yesterday. Dennis went to have a pre-marital counseling session with a couple. They live out of town so their time together was longer than normal. Here's my moment.....when Dennis came home it was time for me to tell him that I had sold the couch while he was gone!!!! Oh my stars - you should have seen his face! He knew SOMETHING would be cleaned while he was gone but selling the furniture in that amount of time? Now THAT is something new in our 33 years of marriage! It'll make me laugh out loud all day long today!

The second thing I learned is that people not only want a deal, but will ask for MORE. One guy asked if I would deliver the couch and loveseat - - - to ASHLAND! I only put a $25 price on each to start with and he WANTED ME TO DELIVER!!!!

At this rate I'm NEVER going to get this last surgery paid off!!!!!! You know that I don't mean that - God has always and WILL ALWAYS provide what we need - some way - some how. But HE'S probably laughing at my $25 contributions to His plan!

Blessings again and again on your day and your life and your heart - and please, don't forget to laugh!

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Aunt Tea said...

I'm thinking the porch swing is going to be a little awkward indoors this winter.

Bless you.