Saturday, May 30, 2009

Face Wax

Ok, so, here's the deal....a person (who will remain nameless) gets older. You discover that you can't see things as clearly close up as you once did. In some ways that's a blessing. When you look in the mirror you actually see a 'softer' version of yourself! The wrinkles aren't as clear, and evidently, a person can't see the new HAIR that is growing on her face. New hair growing in new places. No, not like man-hair that grows out of the ears - other hair, that grows out of the chin and in between the nose and the lips. Really sad. But I (oops! I mean 'a person') have to face this new reality. Other people (like my husband) can evidently see this new ability to grow hair very clearly. So, I have now joined a new world called 'waxing'. A professional lady puts stuff on the offending area and RIPS it off - and moments later that area has no more surprise hairs. A painful experience that one actually has to pay for!

But you know, sometimes we need an outside perspective on ourselves. Someone who can tell us (hopefully with love, and less pain than the professional ripper) what they see that we can't see - both the good and the distracting.

I'm thankful for a God who does that, and for really good family and friends who will do that for me. They love me with or without the new extra facial hairs, I know, but at least I know what they kept looking at when we were talking now!!!!!

There will be no picture accompanying this blog should thank me for that!

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