Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Day...

I love the ocean - I love the sound and the sight because it ALWAYS brings me back to the hugeness of our God. It SHOWS me what grace looks like - the wave comes in on the sand and removes the marks from yesterday - and offers a clean slate for today. New mercies for today. How I love that.

I have been amazed at how fast the things that are right in front of my nose (and yelling in my ear) have taken over my focus. I've been disappointed in myself. Dang, I'm SO HUMAN. Bummer! I so wanted to come home from the sabbatical and be able to hold on to the quiet in my heart, the rest in my body and the joy in my spirit - but it seems I still have to be intentional about what I meditate on - be intentional about sleeping - and be intentional about remembering the hugeness of our God. Hmmmm. A lot has happened in our fellowship family while I've been gone. People's grief and pain hurts my heart. "Find rest, my soul, in God alone - He is my hope."

The last 3 weeks or so have been full - full of family (which I so love) - reconnecting with some minister friends (who I love) - and sharing Jesus with some new friends in South Dakota (who were easy to love). I even got to see Mt. Rushmore (which was on my 'Bucket List')!

So, I'm grateful for a full life. And, I'll be hope-filled that He who began a good work in me will complete it....yesterday was very hard, but today offers new peace - Thank You, Jesus.

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Terri Cox said...

I use to think that women's ministry happened inside the four walls of the church. Now that I have spent more time with Jesus (years),He has shown me that women's ministry happens within my heart. I'm asking Jesus daily to increase my love for people especially the ones who are so difficult to love. He is faithful in answering my prayer. My husband always says " be careful in what you ask for because you may just get it". I am mindful of each request I lay before the Lord and right now, I'm asking for a pouring out of love over women and an understanding that we(women) are here to listen to one another not to work miracles.When was the last time you(reading this) felt sure that someone truly listened to you and understood what you were feeling? And, think of a time when you truly listened and understood what someone else was feeling?
Terri Cox