Saturday, January 31, 2009


I can usually tell where my stress or exhaustion level is by the level of my sense of humor. Seeing the fun in difficult situations has been a gift from the Lord. My mind is fuzzy, my body is shaking with fatigue and I can't think of anything to share that is funny. We leave for the Sabbatical tomorrow. Maybe one of the harder things we've done. Dennis' mom is stable and insisting that we the point of Wayne driving us to the airport to see that we get on that plane. I remember someone describing intercession on their behalf feeling like they have a soft mattress under them - one that they just lay back on. That's what I'm hoping for. A cushion of intercession that Vivian will rest on, and a cushion that we will rest on.

There will be another day that I will share..........when I'm restored and laughing out loud again....until then keep looking up, keep listening for His Life-giving voice. HE NEVER GETS TIRED - He really is the glory and the lifter of our heads.

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Debbie Miller said...

I hope you laugh out loud today!!! :) I was thinking of you yesterday and praying that the Lord would bring laughter to you and Dennis..Love you