Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Glass Challenge...

Dennis got me something really cool for Christmas. It was a glass pedestal serving bowl. I liked it because the opening was set at an angle and I like things that are a little different from the norm. (No comments on that, please!) He went out of his way to get it, brought it home to wrap it, put it in the box and pressed on it slightly to get it securely in the box and broke into a million pieces. It was covered with bubble wrap so the pieces were contained but it was a sad moment. He felt so bad.....I received my gift, it was broken and we took it to the recycle together - all before Christmas day. I told him he probably saved my life - based on what happened to me last Christmas!!!

My sister, on the other hand, is standing in front of a cross she designed and built (with help) - made out of pieces of broken glass that she hand painted. Is that amazing or what? Her son, Phil is standing with her.

This picture strongly reminded me that God takes our broken pieces and produces such beauty and purpose out of them. He just has an eye for it! We might just see the broken piece in our hand but He sees how that broken piece actually fits (and looks beautiful) when it gets placed together with other pieces.

I am praying for you as I'm writing this....that you will find hope and faith in the Truth that tells us that you can trust HIM with every, every, every piece of your life.

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created2bless said...

Okay Jeannette, I obviously cannot read any more of your posts while sitting at the library at RCC. I am in tears and I cannot see my research page in front of me. I am suppose to be doing homework that is due Thursday along with four other assignments I am behind on. What did I ever get myself into?
Going back to college at 43, oh the fool that I am.
I was looking at the Royal Kids Camp info on your website as I am doing a network resource page, I work with kids, and decided to quickly check out your blog, I have one of my own.
although mine does not stay as updated as yours. :-(

I have saved your blog site on my memory stick and must get back to work, but I found myself in tears while reading your broken pieces blog. I have been broken by many people, and then God Himself. I have healed from many wounds, but feel empowered and victorious when God puts the pieces back together again that He seems to break. As I surrender, more and more, sometimes minute by minute, I am simply, no PROFOUNDLY AMAZED at His love for me, His incredible patience for me and wow, His desire to see me whole. Blessing others is what I LOVE to do best. At times like this I feel so poured out and empty, yet somehow, with His ever so gentle hand, God picks me up, carries me and strengthens me through the written word using blogs like yours.

Thank you Jeanette, for taking he time to jot your thoughts, it sure made a difference in my life today. :-)