Saturday, December 27, 2008

Having Christmas with two little boys who are about one and a half years of age is AMAZING! They are learning how to share - they are learning how to communicate effectively - they are learning what to touch and what not to touch - they work hard at having fun and don't mind taking a nap when they need to!!!! Hey, that sounds like stuff I'M still trying to learn....or re-learn when it comes to fun and napping.

I found such joy in just watching them - they didn't have to do anything extraordinary for me to smile - I smiled just looking at them! I laughed while they were here and I went into my bathroom and cried when they left. I just flat out love them and their parents. I just do. Period.

And that's the truth with God and you and I. He just flat out loves us. Period. We don't have to be Perfect Super Christians to make Him smile.....we just need to be who He made us to be.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you REALLY work at a Funeral Home?????

I'm going to do a little 'Jeopardy' thing here...
Answer: What is "yes".
Question: Do you REALLY work in a funeral home????

Answer: What is "no".
Question: Have you always, all your life wanted to work in a funeral home?

Answer: What is "because I feel that I am there for a reason".
Question: Why are you working in a funeral home?

Ok, enough of that....I've had many questions about working at a funeral home and here's what I have to say about that!

I work there to support a team of very gifted, very good hearted, very great people who work in an intense environment. My main official responsibility is to pay the company bills and make the deposits and not make a big mess out of things! I also do whatever I'm asked to do in other areas that would be of help.

My unofficial desire is to be strengthening in some way. I am asking the God who 'restores our souls' to use me to help restore or in some small way- fortify this team of people.

I have touched, carried, delivered and said things that I never thought I would touch, carry, deliver or say in this job. For those of you who have expressed concern because my heart seems too tender at times, I thank you for that concern. To be surrounded by grief, often without hope is difficult. But, I am where I am - on purpose and for a purpose.

No, I don't know how much a cremation costs. I just learned that creamation is the wrong way to spell the word!!!! (They like me to spell it right!)

I will not be counseling families - only hugging them, if they let me!

Yes, I'm still leading worship at Parkway - yes, I'm still the pastor's wife at Parkway - I only work at Hull and Hull two days a week.

Thanks for your prayers on my behalf as well as this group of people who are doing with their lives what very few people volunteer to do - constantly 'comforting those who mourn'.
Isaiah 61:1-3

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ok - how can you NOT LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!

James 2:2...If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.

I have this picture of sticking a cd case in my mouth - - - maybe THEN I'll think about every word I say!!!! (Jack doesn't have a cd case in his mouth but you get the point.) I really, really want to speak words of Life and not death, words of peace and not wounds, words that bring joy rather than depression!!!!!!!!

Are you with me on this one????