Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Animal Cookies

I am currently eating some animal cookies, left here (I'm sure on purpose) by our daughter-in-love.  We've had a house full these last few days...lots of child-moments....lots of clutter...lots of laughing and kid creativity...lots of great parenting moments...lots of remembering...

One of the picture boards that I made in honor of my dad has thread woven, connecting all of the pictures of the generations - all touching the life of my father.

We are connected.

Events, that felt like moments in time, are woven together to make a life.  Lives woven together make a legacy.

What are you weaving?

Meanwhile - - - I must stop eating animal cookies or I will end up looking like the hippo cookie!

(And, may I tell you how grateful I am for your support and love and prayer during this season in our family.  My mom is struggling.  Having dad go to be with the Lord the day before their 70th anniversary has been hard.  They've only been apart while mom was in Highland House last summer for rehab.  She is currently on hospice.  God knows and loves and is good.  Doesn't mean that it isn't hard sometimes.)

Blessings on your heart and your day...


dianne kirkwood said...

So happy for your grand family times together, still praying for you and yours, Luv u dear one, Jim & di

Kristiaan Wilkinson said...

Love you Jeanette! Thank you for sharing during this time. My thoughts and prayers to your whole family. The legacy lives on through the moments you continue to share!