Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oscar and Tilly were both playing Simon Says - 
They both heard the same direction - 
they responded at different speeds, so this 'moment of time snapshot' shows different positions!

Our journey with other people just might might look like this.
We're walking with people who are trying to be obedient,
and trying to do what they hear is being asked of them -
 but they hear and respond differently than we do.

Our response choices are...
Rejoice in the victory - - -  our fellow follower is trying! YaY!
Look down on someone because they aren't as fast as you, as 'spiritual' as you,
as mature as you....

Please choose to encourage - please choose to offer grace -
please, please, please REJOICE - even over baby steps & slow hand motions.
It'll change your day to find things to rejoice about.
Really.  Anyone can find what's disappointing around them...
Today.Intentionally.Say.YaY. someone... yourself...



Joyce Kathleen said...

With all my heart, love, I YES this. And YaY YoU. Excellent.

Joyce Kathleen said...

With all my heart, I YES you wonderful reflections about Simon Says. And YaY YoU.