Sunday, February 20, 2011

Please lead the way...

If you were at Parkway today you already know that my heart is hungry for our children to know what true worship is, and that they become true worshipers. I long for them to know in their heart of hearts that the Song of the Lord is like no other!

I LOVE that the youth come down to the altar to lead the way in worship, with abandon and without shame. I love to see them take a position that will effect the realm we cannot see.

We have the elementary kids in the worship service. I LOVE that. I love the generations worshiping together. But, are the taller people leading the way in passion for Jesus?

We spent some time this week with our family. One day (while it was pouring down rain outside) we went to the gym to RUN and throw the balls and exercise. The pictures you see are of Maggie imitating Heidi's exercise moves. So cute, and so sobering to me.

I am in no way saying that anyone can be perfect. We are all on a journey. The Word asks us to worship in Spirit and in Truth. But, if people are imitating you what are they saying, what are they doing?

This is a blog to the taller people - please press in, for the sake of the generations that follow. Please don't become weary. Please don't sit when HE has asked you to take a stand. Please keep exercising your spiritual muscles of faith and trust and belief. Even if you need to be like Thomas and say, "Lord, I believe but help my unbelief...."

Oh God, my heart cries out to You tonight. Make us a Church who worships You - not a style of song, or a feeling of comfort. Help us crave Your Presence. Help us to press in with all that we are - You said You would be found by those who seek You with all their hearts.

Thank You that You inhabit the praise of Your people. Your Word is true. You are faithful and mighty in battle. Help us, oh God, to pick up effective weapons that bring freedom and healing.

Speak Lord, your servants are listening...

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Gail said...

Oh Jeanette, I was so excited when we first had the children return to joining us in the sanctuary for worship. These are some of my precious memories with my own two children. When they were small but tall enough to see over the pew while standing on the floor, I would have one of them standing directly in front of me and hold their hands up in worship. Modeling and encouraging them as done for me when I was small. Teaching and training our young how to present their selves ready and eager to enter the Holy of Holies in worship is our responsibility parents and grandparents alike. Such and honor. I can still see my dear mother's hand raised in worship, though she has gone on to be in His presence!