Sunday, December 20, 2009

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
II Timothy 4:7

This is what I am meditating on these days. I know - it doesn't sound very Christmas-y - but it's where I have found my heart settling.

I want to make sure that the energy I invest in battle is for the RIGHT THING.

I want to make sure that I FINISH THE RACE.

I want to have KEPT THE FAITH until heaven.

Here's probably something you don't want to hear...
Sometimes I get weary of the battle (I think they call that - "battle fatigue"), I get tired of running, and I feel my faith being pounded on.

The thing that encourages me along this line is this. 'They' say that after you work out, your muscles strengthen as you rest. The workout tears at them, and the rest builds them up to make them healed and stronger.

So, this week - this Christmas week - I'm not going to fight harder or run faster, I'm going to rest. And, I'm going to trust that God is repairing and strengthening me as I rest.

How about you? How about finding a time to rest in Him this week - so that you can be strengthened.

Ok, now let's all sing, "Away in the Manger".....

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Vicki Doman said...

Amen! Sister! I too am learning to take advantage of the moment to just enjoy the rest - and to let the Holy Spirit carry the battle. Love ya, Vicki Doman