Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's the day...

Ever had one of those days that is THE DAY? You prepare for it and try to prepare for what it'll be like AFTER 'The Day'. Well, today is 'the day'. Wrist surgery #4. New doctor, specializing in hand surgery. New town. New day. I asked the Lord to please either heal my wrist or remind me of the pain (to help me with the surgery choice) and He chose the second option (yep, to my disappointment!)

I blogged about my wrist situation early in my blogging journey - it's the one with a lovely picture of my wrist a year ago - so I'm not going to go over the cause, etc. right now. Today's goal is release of scar tissue from the main nerve that was damaged awhile ago. And cover that nerve with a disolvable covering so scar tissue won't bring grief again.

Just using this way of sharing my life to answer some questions and ask for some prayer over this over part of my journey. I'd LOVE to play the piano in worship, hold my grandbabies, carry the groceries, write in my journal, enter my bookkeeping at Hull & Hull without pain. Love it.

I'm greatly enjoying the peace I'm experiencing today. I've been having a battle with fear because of my difficulty getting and staying sedated during surgery. But today - because of the prayers of people that I get to ride on - like riding a raft down the Rogue River - there is peace. Hallelujah. No really - HALLELUJAH.

I feel instructed by the Holy Spirit that God is going to 'do something cool today'. So, I'm looking for the cool thing!

Thanks for listening....

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