Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boundary Lines....

I have no funny stories today. I have a thought, a prayer, a strong urging to encourage whoever reads this to gain courage and encouragement from Ps 16:6 - ..."the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places..." Read all of Ps 16 - but hear in your heart that God has placed you in a place where you can FLOURISH - not just exist.

Heb. 12 talks about our places of discipline. But instead of punishment, the intend of that word in that context is 'a place in which one can grow'!!!!!

Don't miss what God would LOVE to do in and through you right now! In the place and circumstance that you find yourself right now - not someday (when things are different, better or as you dreamed) - right now!!!!!

The enemy would love to have you miss the treasure that God has for you today - that's why it's easier to whine rather than praise, to curse rather than to bless, to feel sorry for yourself rather than be grateful.

Whoever this blog is meant for - please read Ps 16 - let it soak in - let it bring strength and a new perspective. As Beth Moore says - Jesus didn't just come to change your life, He came to change your day! This is a new day for someone. Bless you.

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Foster Fam said...

Thanks, just what I needed to hear.